What is SGOAP?

Simple GOAP is based on a system introduced by F.E.A.R called GOAP, it is designed to provide an intuitive, flexible and powerful Unity AI Framework for both development and debugging while maintaining optimal performances.


GOAP gives your agents the ability to make intelligent decisions without the complexity and high maintenance of a finite state machine.


The system dynamically plan a sequence of actions to satisfy a set goal against the current world states.

For example, you have a SoldierAgent with a goal to HurtTarget and a set of actions, Shoot, TakeCover, GoToTarget, CallForHelp. The planner will use the current game state and look for the best actions. Let's say, there is another Agent nearby, the planner may tell the Agent to do the following

CallForHelp -> GoToTarget -> Shoot

For an overview look of the package.

SGoap Documentation

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