Hey! It is such a pleasure that you stumbled here. We want to go ahead and give you a warm welcome. Web3 is a rabbit hole which is very deep and it is difficult to navigate through it all alone. We wish to be your guide and path-finder.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

There is a host of innovation that is happening all around 🌍 us and it is very overwhelming for a beginner 👦 to navigate through it. Often we have seen our friends 👦👧 start but after some point of time they become confused 🤔 and then it is really difficult 😥 to continue and many people drop off due to this reason. Most of our friends who come from a non-tech background fear it is only for the techies 🧑‍💻 and we’ve just been trying to teach them by holding hands but now we feel that we want to appeal to a bigger audience and have a bigger impact. Hence BattleBrains.

Because Web3 should not be difficult for anyone to navigate through! That is what we are working on. We not only want to make learning Web3 easy and fun but also add a layer of Learn-to-earn so that it enables everyone to make returns.

The current models of Learn to Earn 💵 have not been able to establish a true business model and that is why they are finding it difficult to stay afloat. They are having a high dependency on grants and hence an unsustainable model. We worked hard to find a way in which we can keep the education completely free and yet have a successful business model but that’s not what we are to talk here. We have to talk about education 📚 .

How do we solve it?

We thought deep and we talked to a lot of educators across the world to find what would be the best way to go out and teach everyone in a fun way but which also includes practical exposure as well as a social layer to make everything a group activity. Let us explain how everything will work?

Level 1- Level 20: The Exploratory Phase: This phase is the best way for anyone who is beginning with Web3 to be able to learn and explore what Web3 is all about through simplified content with real life examples. Explorers will go through the levels and mark it complete once done. As soon as they complete it, they will move to the next level. Remember, these levels are made skippable because we know there would be people who would know some stuff and would want to advance to the next step because they already have the knowledge of it. If you are a newbie we advise you not to skip the levels. These levels have been designed and re-designed after we experimented the curriculum with multiple new folks entering the domain. As soon as you reach Level 20, you will be asked to give an exam which will just help you access if you have really understood the basics. Clearing it, will enable you to mint a Explorer NFT which will be a gateway to the Degen Phase.

As soon as you get this NFT, you can verify and unlock the Degen Phase.

Level 20-50: The Degen Phase: The exploratory phase was designed to help you understand the basics and what you like in the space. Use your learnings to navigate through to become a true Web3 degen. We have diverted from the traditional education method where every student has to learn things even when they do not need them in real life (irl). We want you to design your own path.


Through navigating the guilds. With time there would be more than 200 guilds that we will make you available for your learning.

How to decide which guild to explore?

Image blockchain as a city, which has various universities (DeFi, DAO’s, NFT’s, Gaming, Tooling and Others). If you get into any university, let’s say DeFi, you have various classes, representing various verticals of DeFi like Lending, Borrowing, Staking, Dex’s etc) and when you enter a class there are three layers:

  1. Content Layer: This layer will comprise of the content in the form of written texts, audio’s, podcasts and videos.
  2. Practical Layer: As you consume the content, we are working on creating a simulator which will provide you with a practical layer for you to go and put your learnings into action.
  3. Social Layer: The social layer is something that we will build in a way to show people online in the class at the same time so that if you are stuck, you can just click against their names and if they accept, you can get into a video room to chat and discuss it with them. We call them pods. Each pod will be able to accommodate a maximum of 3 people at a time and will last upto 20 minutes so that people focus on learning and make friends along the way.