RabbitHole is building the on-chain resume for the future of work

RabbitHole helps users discover and use new crypto applications while helping projects increase usage and find their contributors. By doing so, RabbitHole is building an on-chain graph of a user's achievements. RabbitHole rewards credentials based on these achievements which serves as a user's on-chain "resume", qualifying them for unique opportunities like token distributions and project bounties.

RabbitHole needs to decentralize to reach its highest potential

We're reaching a tipping point at RabbitHole. While we're partnering with some of the largest projects and creating quests, our bandwidth is limited in creating proposals, subgraphs, NFTs, and content. To bring RabbitHole to its ultimate potential, we must start the process of decentralizing RabbitHole so others can contribute and get rewarded.

Pathfinders help make the rabbit hole easier to navigate by contributing to RabbitHole

Today in RabbitHole, quests are broken down into four core parts: Proposal creation, Subgraph development, NFTs, and content. We’re going to start working with external contributors (called “Pathfinders) to outsource these core parts of the quest so we can start to scale the quest creation process even more. The pathfinder program is broken down into four roles:

  1. Stewards” - These are governance proposal writers rewarded for creating proposals on other protocols to bring in new RabbitHole quests.
  2. Navigators” - These are developers rewarded for creating subgraphs on The Graph to track completions of different tasks on specific protocols RabbitHole works alongside.
  3. Craftsmen” - These are NFT creators rewarded for creating trophies that are distributed to users for completing specific quests.
  4. Pioneers”- These are content creators rewarded for creating content specific to individual tasks, guiding users down the nebulous rabbit hole.

Each of these four roles are critical to the success of RabbitHole as it begins its transition into a decentralized platform. By being a Pathfinder, you'll be able to contribute to RabbitHole when you want as much as you want and earn unique rewards with no hard commitments.

Pathfinders will shape the future of RabbitHole and the future of work

If you're interested in becoming a Pathfinder for RabbitHole, you can below and we'll get back to you with more details soon!

Apply to the Pathfinder Program