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$SPACE and SpaceDAO

<aside> 💡 The Space: an everlasting co-creation blockchain graffiti wall shared and governed by all participants through radical market principles


The Space is the first large-scale blockchain experiment that brings together NFT pixel art, Radical Markets principles, co-creation pixel map, and DAO.

One of the core components of The Space is decentralization and self-sustainability. The Space will be managed and operated by SpaceDAO, which will gradually take over the ownership and governance of The Space.

SpaceDAO will decide on economic parameters such as the Harberger Tax rate, UBI ratio, canvas size, as well as the use of the Community Treasury. Though a completely decentralized governing will take time to develop, as we continue to develop The Space, we believe it is time for us to introduce the token $SPACE, the token of The Space.

$SPACE is a standard ERC-20 token that people can get by claiming Airdrop or Fairdrop, completing community publishing tasks, or by buying directly from a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). $SPACE will be used to support the economic activities in The Space such as buying and selling pixels, paying tax, receiving UBI, as well as supporting the operation of SpaceDAO.

Read Introduction to The Space for more details.

Total Supply and Allocation

In total, all 1 billion $SPACE tokens will be created at genesis. The distribution is as follows:

chart (1).svg

1. Early Community Incentives (13.74%)

13.74% of the $SPACE tokens will be distributed to addresses that positively contribute and impact The Space in the early stage.

Initial Airdrop (2%)

The first airdrop will distribute 2**%** of the $SPACE supply. This airdrop is targeted toward people who:

Future Airdrops (3%)