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📸 Overview

Think of Dash as smart, high-signal FinTech money backed by smarter, higher-signal FinTech money. We raised a $3.3m proof of concept fund in 2020 and just raised a $21m second fund.

We write collaborative $250k checks at the pre-seed + seed stages. As a specialist fund, we play a very specific role on our founders' cap tables, which is to be your go-to FinTech domain experts with deep FinTech networks. More specifically:

🛠 We're FinTech operators and investors by trade. Tom ran Special Projects at Clearbanc and was a FinTech investor at Citi Ventures. Ryan runs BizDev and is Employee #7 at Second Measure, which was acquired by Bloomberg in 2020. He was previously employee #9 & VP of Revenue at Pipe.

🏘 We're backed by other FinTech funds, investors, and operators (smarter FinTech money). LPs include:

⚽️ Team

We've worked with each other since July 2018, when Tom was at Citi Ventures and invested in Second Measure's Series A.

Ryan Sells Co-Founder & General Partner | San Francisco, CA

Ryan is Head of BizDev at Second Measure (YC S15, acquired by Bloomberg), a FinTech startup that analyzes card transaction data in real-time and at massive scale.

Previously, Ryan was VP of Revenue at Pipe and spent the first 8 years of his career at JPMorgan.