Sendbird Desk now provides Bots to help you automate repetitive works such as delivering answers to simple or frequently asked questions. With Bots, your customers will be able to get an answer on the spot, which will allow your live agents to focus on solving more complex problems. Moreover, Sendbird Desk also provides a quick overview of how bots are performing with specific metrics that enable quantitative analysis of your bots.

This article covers the following updates:

Bot type

Sendbird Desk provides two types of bots as below.

Bots as an agent

With the expansion of the admin role, the term Agent is used to indicate both agents and admins. But now, the scope of the concept Agent is extended further to include bots. Since bots are also taking a role as an agent, the existing human agents are now called Live agent to be distinguished from bots that can be referred to virtual agents in such context. For the definition of each term, see the following information.

Since bots are agents, admins can manage bots in the Agents menu and can add bots as a member of a team in Settings > Teams.

Tickets bots can receive