1. Create your Workspace

Once you login, the first thing you will see is a space to create your workspace. First, type in your company name and upload your logo to start. Remember your workspace is where you store and organize your HeyForms.


2. Why your Workspace is Important

Workspace is where you can store and manage all your HeyForms, choose templates and add your members to assign roles for them. You can open, duplicate and compose the form by clicking dot icons at the bottom right corner of every HeyForms.


3. Roles & Permissions

How can you add new members to manage your workspace? Well, it is easy, just a few clicks and add your team members and assign them the roles.

You can invite your members by clicking "Invite member" at the "Member" tab, then click the copy button to share the link on your groups.


  1. You can assign any role to your newly invited members. Just click on any of your members at the action tab and select the role that you want to give to them.