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What is Wgmi?

Short for “we’re going to make it”. This is a fun term used commonly in crypto Twitter as a form of positivity in an ever-changing landscape, volatile markets and bullish environment of die-hard technology enthusiasts. By being a part of this community this early in the industry.. We’re going to be make it everybody…

Brewing from a Tweet, there demonstrated an obvious demand from both companies seeking web3 community managers and crypto natives seeking a role as a community professional. In web2 there are quite a few community managers, directors, leaders, advocates, ambassadors… but we have yet to bridge them over to web3 where there skills are highly demanded. In web3 there somes some additional learnings such as using Discord, Twitter, Metamask and tokens (erc-721s/NFTs) as gated experiences. There is also the knowledge-base of the NFT, DeFi, protocol layer and various other complexities to the blockchain/web3/Ethereum ecosystem that we as community folks need to unbundle.

The goal of this community is to bridge folks into this new world, offer them the standards from community professionals across the world (not in web3) and with community experts in web3. At our disposal we have some of the world’s best community folks looking at this industry. We’re here to bring everyone to this side of things, learn from community professionals cut from any fabric, and tie in web3 learnings from the other half of folks in the space. If you’re completely new to both web3 and community—please follow along, contribute how you would like, and absorb as much as humanly possible. It’s going to be a wild ride!



Why Wgmi?

This community is a collective of folks ranging from web3 experts to community newbies. We’re here to make you feel comfortable in this new world of crypto communities. You’re here to either learn how to build a community from scratch, maintain your community as a web3 project owner, or learn how to enter the field as a community professional who’s new to this side of the internet. Either way, we’re bringing a ton of great minds together to help everyone achieve this goal of composing the future generation of community leaders in web3.

Why do you keep saying web3?

Today’s internet has two missing priorities:

<aside> ❗ (1) holding state, and (2) being able to transfer state across the web.


You can imagine this progression through the invention of “cookies” that helped remember where you were on the internet as a user. Using early banking applications online would be unbearable if you had to login every time you clicked a button. Instead, you can now use this idea of “state” to agree to your credentials and follow you across the web. Now, web3 takes this further by allowing you to fully own that data, those permissions by being the chief custodian or owner of this experience. No third party has control over your passwords, keys, login credentials—you can use these permissions however you would like, you can even pass them off (as a token) to other wallets.

Web3 is our understanding of a stateful internet where we own our data and have a truly open & decentralized internet experience. That being said, not only are we using the internet to access information, but natively send value on the protocol layer..

Web3 is commonly referred to as Ethereum. However, this could be any other blockchain protocol that aims to decentralized state, ownership of data and an open internet of value. Web3 is the same as saying blockchain, crypto, Ethereum (where a majority of the developer activity is), but it defines a more software and web-centric goal than crypto which aims to tokenize value, and decentralize financial services. Again, it’s all semantics but here we are.

Why build communities for web3?