What is Collective?

Collective is the most powerful tool for NFT communities that care about decentralization. We make it easier for NFT owners with shared interests to connect and empower each other through their contributions to communities they love.

In our v0, we’ll do this with three main components, all built into Collective:

Collective’s Purpose

We want to unfck internet communities.*

At our core, we believe in giving individuals in NFT communities a sense of meaning for their contributions. We understand that provable digital ownership is greater than the token itself — owning an NFT unlocks access to community-driven brands, culture, and contribution to a vibe that holders can align with.

In our ideal world, NFT communities are democratized; they are worldwide community-driven brands, governed by holders of each NFT. Collective is the home for NFT projects to assemble community members and empower them to build the next great web3 brand — together.

Collective gives every community member an easy pathway to contribute through engaging social features that are token-gated for each community.

This way, we can empower individuals in NFT communities to deliver value back to the projects they support by doing the things they love — writing, creating, ideating, sharing, making shit happen, etc.

Collective’s Goals 🚀