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It looks like you’re here because you’re interviewing someone going through a war, likely someone affected by the war in Ukraine. This is a very difficult, but important, process to be part of so we’ve started to build out some resources on how to best prepare you to be a fair, healthy and understanding interviewer during these times.


How to: interview people impacted by war


This video should be a good place to start if you’re interested in learning more on how to be a great interviewer for people impacted by war.

🥡 Key takeaways: keep interview integrity high and only hire on merit, not out of sympathy (it’ll be better in the long run because this way you’re actually setting them up for success). Understand that they aren’t able to perform at 100%, interview accordingly.

Exercise for interviewers: the circle of control

✊🏽 Use for: wellbeing, preparation for interviewing

✏️ Content: find out your role in the circle of control, as you approach interviewing those impacted by war

⏰ Duration: 10 mins watch time, 10 mins to do the exercise yourself


Interviewing tips & tricks


Your interview style

Your interview style has a direct impact on candidate performance. Your interview style becomes even more important when interviewing people impacted by war.

🥡 Key takeaways: have an inclusive, human and collaborative interview style, not an intimidating one.