When we invite candidates to interview with us, we are also being interviewed. It's important we put our best foot forward, showing them that we are organized, thoughtful, and professional.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to make sure your interview runs smoothly.

  1. Start on time - We don't want to leave candidates waiting alone in a room (or Google Meet), wondering if they are in the wrong place.
  2. End on time - There are often additional interviews after yours, so it's important to stick to the schedule.
  3. Enter carefully - If someone is interviewing a candidate before you, check the room (or Google Meet link) to see if they're still wrapping up. Allow for a ~5 minute grace period before entering to help move things along.
  4. Be prepared - Do your research about the candidate. Read their resume, Linkedin, case study, and any other provided material. Be sure to include questions that help in evaluating the candidate.
  5. Take notes - If it's helpful for you, keep notes to better remember any specific answers or quotes. This will allow you to provide a more detailed review when submitting your evaluation.
  6. Submit feedback - Collect your feedback in Workable and share it with the relevant stakeholders promptly. The more information the better!