Interruptions in GlobalReader are time periods where the machine is not working - lowering the machine´s availability and with that overall OEE value. With interruption reasons you can analyzing why the machine was not working and work on improvements.

Interruption occurs when a Minimum interruption time limit set for the machine or for the product in production is exceeded and also if the GlobalReader monitor device is offline.

Interruptions types

Interruption types are divided into three different sub-type:

Interruptions groups

Interruption reasons can be grouped together based on different criteria, e.g technical reasons, production-related actions, or departments. If interruption reasons are added to groups it will make finding the suitable reason for defining the machine interruption easier.

Grouping is used when more detailed info is needed. E.g create a group Technical and add all technical reasons to this group. Interruptions can be analyzed by reason and by the group in the reporting section.

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How to get notifications when a specific interruption reason is entered by the operator

How interruption reasons are added?

When the machine does not work for a longer period than set 'Minimum interruption time' or works longer time under the minimum production level than minimum interruption time is set, then undefined interruption is added to the graph. The interruption reasons can be added: