At GitGuardian, interns are definitely part and parcel of the team! They’re involved in projects of their department and in the company’s culture and events 🌟.

We are only recruiting end of studies internships and only for software engineers / SRE positions.

Usually, we recruit end of studies interns that last 6 months and these internships might definitely lead to a full time position at GitGuardian 😍.

We want interns to thrive at GitGuardian and to feel stimulated intellectually and socially! Therefore, we ask them to adopt our growth mindset :

  1. Try new things
  2. Don’t fear failure
  3. Learn from failure

📢 What our interns say about working at GitGuardian :

“My final internship was done here at GitGuardian. I've been offered a permanent contract which I accepted! (…) During my internship, I really liked the autonomy of a small dedicated team. As I went along, I could enjoy more and more varied missions, and take the necessary time to achieve them. We try to avoid rushing because quality is paramount in our team. We don't feel urged to ship features, and we manage to deploy every other week!”


“I heard of GitGuardian thanks to a friend who told me about it. I made several searches about the main activity of GitGuardian, and I found it very interesting that they help companies by alerting them if a secret was accessible by anyone in the world.

Since the beginning of my internship, I have been very well received by my colleagues. My onboarding has allowed me to understand the activity of different teams and also their processes. I am currently doing an internship of 6 months at GitGuardian as a Data Engineer. All subjects covered are very interesting, and allow me to discover new technologies. At GitGuardian, I’m happy to work independently and with people who are always ready to help me if I can’t do a process.”