You can integrate Kwizbot with your CRM (Bitrix24, Amocrm, Onebox, etc.), ERP (1C, Odoo, Dynamics Nav, etc.).

Let's have a look at typical integration cases:

Running a scenario from an external system

You need an event on the external system to cause the bot to send something to the user. Why you may need it:

How are the following tasks solved in the general case:

  1. In your CRM / ERP, you create a webhook or trigger that sends a call to a special Kwizbot url.
  2. The parameters of this call will contain the bot and the entry point to be called in the script, as well as the user id and the channel (messenger). It will be possible to pass additional data to the request, which will be available in the script or a simple message.
  3. Kwizbot receiving such a request starts the script for the specified user from this point.

<aside> 💡 To solve such problems, you will need the call_ node method of the API module. Make sure it is installed, if in doubt, check this point with the developers.


Read more about how to use the API here: Running a bot script using an API module and also make sure that you have received the user's permission to send him notifications, more about this here User subscription to bot notifications

Read instructions for popular CRM here: Integration of Kwizbot with popular CRM

Receiving or sending data inside a script

You need to get inside the script data from external systems or send data to it. Why it might be needed: