Tools not listed in this e-library page are external reports, the links for which can be found directly in the main report.

Tool A1: Question guide for identifying underlying barriers to institutional coordination

A1 Identifying Barriers.docx

Tool A2: Template to review relevant legal mandates across agencies

A2 Template to Review Legal Mandates.docx

Tool A3: Messaging guide to encourage agencies to engage in closer coordination

A3 Messaging Guide on Institutional Coordination.docx

Tool A4: Example Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Kenya’s social registry, national health insurance scheme and other social programs

A4 Template MoU between Kenya SR and NHI.pdf

Tool A8: Checklist of functions, tasks and responsibilities for technical coordination units and working groups

A8 TCU Functions Checklist.docx

Tool A9: Organizational mapping formats to visualize current and future states for interagency coordination on population targeting

A9 Organizational Mapping Formats.docx