The Institutional Business (IB) team is a vertical of the Partnership Pod and is the primary resource for high-net-worth and institutional investors (HNW/II) interested in the Index Cooperative product suite. Institutional interest in DeFi continues to increase and has the potential to drive massive growth in Index Coop product TVL as institutions move beyond exposure to BTC and ETH.


There are two key pillars to the Institutional Business strategy:

  1. Asset Listings & Support
    1. Custodial Token Listings
    2. Centralized Exchange Listings
    3. Market Maker Relationships
    4. Intermediary Platforms
    5. Off-chain Distribution
  2. Education & Awareness of Key Crypto Themes
    1. Conferences
    2. Index-Coop Hosted Events
    3. Webinars
    4. Investor Relations

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