The Local Delivery & Store Pickup app is a theme app extension. I.e it adds its dynamic elements to your theme without having to interact with Liquid templates or code.

The app contains the following resources:


To get the app downloaded to your store, navigate to the app’s listing page on the Shopify app store, and click the Add app button.

You will be guided through the standard install process, where you’ll be asked to give the app certain access permissions, and then approve the charge. If you’ve never installed this app before, you will be given a free trial period, and the billing will start after the trial is over.

After the app is downloaded, you need to make sure it’s activated on the target theme you are going to use it for.

To do this, please click the Activate app button within the status bar at the top of the page.

img 37.png

After that, you’d be redirected to the Settings section of the app. To activate the app, please perform the following steps:

  1. Select a theme you’d like to activate the app for. You may select the live theme or choose any other one from the Show other themes list.

img 6.png

  1. Click the Activate button next to the target theme name. You’ll be redirected to the theme editor with the app embed block toggle enabled by default.

img 7.png

  1. Click “Save” to make the changes take effect.