Do you have your own font files that you'd like to use in VidLab? As long as they are an .OTF or .TTF file, it's simple to do!

Note: make sure you have the appropriate licenses to use custom fonts.

Step 1: Access the font from your device. You can use your files app, or a file transfer app such as Dropbox, which we will be using in the example below. Once you have found the font file you want to install, tap on the "..." icon to reveal more options:

Step 2: Tap on "Export" in the options list.

Step 3: Choose "VidLab" from the list.

Step 4: Voila! Now you can use the font in your designs. Your installed fonts will appear in alphabetical order.

Note: If you share your VidLab project file with someone else, they will also need to have the font installed for it to appear correctly on their device. Otherwise, the font will default to Proxima Nova.