Install Concrete Diverters Immediately

We can calm 8th Street immediately by using concrete barriers to direct car traffic to turn and not cut through. Berkeley has used this tactic for decades. The result is low-traffic streets that are safe to cross on foot and a comfortable route for bicyclists. With 8th Street already designated a bicycle boulevard, this aligns with the Oakland Bicycle Plan. You can read more about traffic diverters here.

Benefits of diverters for 8th Street:

8th Street Diverter and Traffic Flow Idea

Here is a preliminary idea for traffic diverters on 8th Street and two on 9th Street at Chester and Center. This will allow car access to the neighborhood, but not through the neighborhood.

If you drive, you might need to change what street you use to get to your house. But you'll no longer need to worry about a speeder totaling the car you parked in front of it.

Please feel free to email your ideas and opinions on the traffic flow to