I am not good at creating beautiful things. For me, green text on red background looks fine. But like everyone, I sometimes get feelings of joy, inspiration, or something else by seeing products or other things. Here, I try to collect notes from these things (buildings, websites, apps, products, art — is there a better word than a thing to describe all of these?) and what kind of feelings they created. Some of these aren't just visual but e.g. how some button feels. I hope to then later use it as a resource to create better things on my own.


May 22, 2022 He made the website even better. I like how there is now more personal and in general content. It doesn’t have fancy features like the old website and he said that it took basically two weekends to do but I like the simplicity and look of this new version even more than the old one. Now I can at least steal the navigation bar from his old website to mine [Lankine.xyz 3.0](https://www.notion.so/Lankine-xyz-3-0-31e39eb97cdf4a1d9e64f7c4507d33ee)


November 20, 2021 https://www.sj.land/ There are some cool details on the website like you can drag the "Hi, I am S.J." text. The content on the website is perfect. Makes me feel like I know him (well, I do but still) and communicates well his passion. It's always inspiring to see people like him who are passionate about something which is in his case design. I hope to get out a similar message about my work.

He has an amazing Instagram page where he has pictures from his travels https://www.instagram.com/woandworld/. I'm interested in doing something like this too.


November 14, 2021 https://www.yeezysupply.com/ There is something beautiful about Yeezy's minimalistic website. Colors, font, and minimal content makes it look kind of like "we don't try to sell you our shoes by making the best looking websites but if you like them, you will buy them on our website no matter what it looks like".


June 4, 2021 This video communicated well Kanye's passion for details.



May 13, 2021 The simplistic design of the website impressed me. I liked the unique way of not writing thoughts to Twitter but to a feed on a personal website.


Introducing NASA Velcro Straps for the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch