This page was originally called "Brett Victor Talks". It was then expanded to "Favorite Talks", then "Favorite Talks and Essays". But at the end of the day, this is all just a collection of interesting and inspirational content on the topics that interest me. I hope you enjoy it. Also, don't forget to check out Inspirational Computer Pioneers.

Brett Victor

Brett Victor designed the original iOS interface at Apple. He's an amazing software designer and gives some incredible talks. None of them are super technical and non-programmers can definitely find them interesting.

These are more philosophical.

A philosophical talk on how to live your life, if you choose.

About the sad state of being a knowledge worker in the 21st century.

A call for software designers and artists to build better interactive content.

These are more computer-y.

A mind-blowing talk about how software be a tool for thinking.

An enlightening talk about the history of software and how old many ideas are.

A deeper dive into graphic software for building interactive visualizations.


Simple Made Easy

Rich Hickey invented Clojure and Datomic. He has some amazing philosophical talks out there about programming.

Rich Hickey talks about bad decisions.

Rich Hickey explains the architecture behind his Datomic database.

An explanation of lambda calculus. Not very practical but still fascinating.

A fascinating talk explaining what the Y combinator is and how it works.

Mathematica is the most impressive piece of software I know of.

A comprehensive history of computer viruses.

Alan Kay was a computer pioneer who worked at Apple.

Alan Kay explains the way he thinks of Object Oriented programming.

The first half talks a lot about computer history and the second half is more about Alan Kay's inspirations, ranging from tennis to child psychology.

Doug Englebart was a computer pioneer at Xerox park. He invented computers as we know them today. This is the first public demonstration of what he build. It is the first time anyone had ever seen an interactive graphics display, a computer mouse, a WYSIWYG document editor, video chat, collaborative text editing, networked computers... It's insane.

Not the most technically insightful interview, but something about John Carmack is very relatable to me. He's a builder and doesn't want to be a manager. Also a legendary videogame developer.

Software Design and UX