Our research shows that individuals want to be physically and mentally healthy, in a fun, sustainable way, and with other people. Implementation of our innovation plan through open-ended interviews, focus group discussions and secondary research provides evidence that

(i) people lack self-control in executing goals on physical and mental wellbeing

(ii) five factors affect wellness: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community factors (safe and belonging).

Career has a major effect on the other factors and the workplace should be an environment that contributes positively to both physical and mental wellness. Long, tedious work commitments and the tendency for individuals to maintain a static position through the workday to finish the task(s) increases the mental stress, endangers physical health, and causes social isolation from colleagues resulting in burnout and an increase in the number of disengaged workforce. PHYSiCo reduces physical and mental stress and the risk of people getting secluded within organizations. This prevents lost productivity and induces employee engagement on many levels. PHYSiCo comes pre-packed with tailored activities that capture individual interests and promotes team culture. With a PHYSiCo subscription fee of 50% to 75% less than the loss to the company per disengaged employee ($17,000), every company can boast of happy employees who are committed to delivering the promised value to customers.

Learnings from Young Adults:


Individuals want to be healthy in body and mind, in a fun sustainable way, with other people. Success in other life goals -finances, career, relationship and social status improves mental positivity and strengthens discipline in body fitness.

Value Criteria for Young Adults