Project of Erasmus+


Project outputs introduction

Understanding the principles of injury prevention

Injury prevention in disciplines of Modern Pentathlon

<aside> 💡 Here you will find information on how to prevent injuries from running, swimming, and shooting. For more detailed information, click on one of the disciplines.



🙎Mgr. Daniel Kašpar (CZE)

Head of the project

🙎‍♀️Mgr. Michaela Hajduková (CZE)

Physiotherapist and Creator of the injury prevention program

🙎Mgr. Radim Kůta (CZE)

Running coach, S&C coach

🙎Bc. Filip Hrdlička (CZE)

Physiotherapist, Head of the medical section of SK Slavia Praha Academy

🙎Imre Tiidemann (EST)

Estonian modern pentathlon federation head coach