An Infobox is a formatted table used to collect a summary of information about Topics . The Infobox runs along the right side of the Topic Page to supplement the main text of the article.

Adding or Editing Infobox Fields

To add fields to the Infobox, click the 'Edit' button at the top right of the Topic Page, and then again on 'Edit' button that appears at the top of the Infobox.

A popup will appear with the editable fields. You can search for a field at the top of the popover and add it to the Infobox by clicking the empty box next to the Field title.

Each field is paired with one or more values. For example, on the Ginkgo Bioworks page you could add in the CEO field and fill in the value Jason Kelly.

Use the Add another button to add more than one value to a field.

Each field has a specific type defining the appropriate input information for that field.

There are different field types including:

Click the 'Done' **button **when you have finished adding infobox fields and values. Remember to complete your edit by clicking 'Publish'.

Using templates