Investing €50-€100K tickets in early-stage startups in CEE.

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Run and backed by founders and operators

The syndicate is ran and backed mostly by founders and operators, who’ve gone through top accelerators like Y-Combinator and 500Startups, built startups from inception to exit, including unicorns and centaurs, and others who’ve scaled from $0 to $50M+ ARR.

How we help

We know, every investor and VC says they will be helpful. Our approach is two-fold: (1) be transparent up front what kind of help we can deliver, and (2) rethink how we create structure and incentivize our member founders & operators to invest their time in your startup not just for a virtual coffee, but on consistent and regular basis.

It's so much harder for investors to support companies when they haven't had the lived experience as an operator.

-Alexis Ohanian, @ Reddit

Get to product/market fit faster

We know how fun and hard startup life is. Our main focus is helping you think through your product, positioning, go-to-market strategy, distribution channels, pricing, product-led-growh as you are progressing toward their next financial milestone, mostly Series A.