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Inflorenza Minima is a sleek version of the role-playing game Inflorenza (Hero,bastards and martyrs in the forest hell of Millevaux). Unlike his Eight Big Brother, Inflorenza Minima does not require any material: neither leaf, nor pen,no DICE, no chance, no numbers. This role-playing game takes you into a forest tale. You're going to live with the shortage.,the loss and the moral dilemmas that follow. In a world in ruins subject to cruel magic laws, resources are limited. Everything is expensive, physically or morally. We can't afford and they will have to do tough choices to make. The characters, whatever theirattitude, will reveal all their beauty in these inevitable sacrifices. You will like to animate the game if you like :- set poetic, wild and crepuscular atmospheres. all push the characters into their last corner.- or shine a light on beautiful and desperate quests.You will like to play a character there if you like :Feel the pain of cornelian choice or dramatic setuations.- or play a hero to the hilt.- or contribute to a fairytale.

Highway of Tears

This game is written as a series of Russian dolls, but upside down. You have a first Russian doll that will tell you how to play, and you can just that. Or you can open it to take out a second doll taller Russian.

This one will explain you how to play, but with more than detail. You can settle for that or open it to get one out.third doll, even bigger. And so on. Anyway, maybe you'll just have to read the lexicon to know how to play. Or you may want to push to the summary of the game in one page or up to the party example, or take back one by one the rules presented bydetailed, from the most essential to the most optional. Maybe even will you want to dig further by reading the party reports on the internet, by listening to the rules in audio or the part-Tutorial in audio. Maybe even are you going to send me e-mails to dig up the subject? It's up to you to see if you are content with the doll that you have in your hands, or if you Find a bigger one.If you're just playing with the first dolls, maybe your first ones. parties will be hesitant. It takes time to understand how tointerprets the mechanics of the game, from the most basic (the prices to be paid) to the more subtle (logical Vertigo). Set off on some very simple adventures, and to make things more complex and intense as you open your own Russian dolls.

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