I wasn't initially planning to write these guides, not wanting to duplicate the well trodden ground, duplicated in thousands of other books and of course the back of every seed packet. I changed my mind, if you want to understand more, take a look here.


Background as to why I finally decided to write this section of the book

I despair when I see another gardening book come out that devotes half of it's page count to telling us how to grow Brussels, cabbage or carrots etc, basically just duplicating the backs of a stack of seed packets. Even so I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that my little eBook will also have such a section. It won't however be comprehensive. If I've found a good source of information for a specific type of veg, I'm just going to link to it, rather than write it.

If however I think I have something specific to add, then I will gradually fill out this section of the book. First though here’s the criteria that I will use to decide whether I will write such a guide:

  1. If I can add a lot of value, through the eBook format, by including videos, database content and other multi-media resources
  2. If I can add content that goes beyond that usually included in the paper books, for example information on extending the season, inter-planting, successional growing, or high intensity growing techniques
  3. If I grow in a way that's different to traditional approaches, including different ways to harvest
  4. If I can add additional value on how to extend the season