Problem Statement

In the last couple of years, communities on the Internet have boomed. Our assignment is to prepare a research report on an Internet community and identify pain products/features that can be designed for the users of the community based on their feedback. The goal of the assignment is to practice the research process and make a publishable case study. The purpose is to develop an understanding the people's behaviour, usage patterns and gather findings that can be distilled into insights.

Who are Indie Hackers?

Why this community?

This community interested us because as designers participating in a CBC we are always on the lookout for literature written by other designers and creators and what struck us about this community is that when compared to other platforms people enter here with a product first on their minds as founders and generate interest and start discussions around it to which other people contribute according to their field of expertise

Community and Platforms

To get an overview of the community, we collected data about different platforms used by them and the pros, cons of those platforms.

Pros & Cons

An overview of Indie Hackers community.

Indie hackers (2).png


As per the founder, Indie Hackers community is a place where founders share their experiences transparently, and where entrepreneurs can come to read, learn from those examples. But after exploring the community, we found out this community is not only for founders and entrepreneurs. There are several types of people who use this community for their growth.