Incentive Program is an interesting and exciting program for all builders who's in the Blockchain in general and Defi in specifically. This is a nudge to boost builders and projects massive energy to deliver more sustainability and upscale in the network and ecosystem they build. Following the criteria of the owner of the program (blockchain platform project), builders need to meet their requirements and all will be monitored and judged in a period of time. Let's go along with some incentive programs listed here to have a look at what the blockchain platform projects play in this space

Polygon x Aave launches $40M Liquidity Mining Rewards


Polygon previously Matic Network, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution launched a liquidity mining program with 1% of the MATIC supply (~$150M in rewards). This program Polygon partnered with Aave, a top 1 lending Defi platform with over $10B in TVL, to push Defi on Ethereum to move forward in the scale and help to attract more millions in Polygon-based network projects like Quickswap, Comethswap, and especially Aave.

Avalanche Foundation introduces Defi Incentive Program Avalanche Rush with $180M worth


Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche Foundation, announced a liquidity mining incentive program called "Avalanche Rush" for the Defi ecosystem of Avalanche Blockchain. $180M worth is the amount of this program and starting with 2 blue-chip Defi Aave and Curve. AVAX (Avalanche's token) recorded 174% up after this massive news and this shooting more effort in attracting new contributors and existing projects to make Defi on Avalanche Network more accessible and to let DEXes get more liquidity pools.

Avalanche network is well-known as an EVM-compatible with multiple blockchains. Its ambition is to bring the new architecture in blockchain structure definition to achieve high throughput and more scalability.

Celo x Aave, Curve, Sushi and more in $100M Defi Incentive Program

Celo, a blockchain project built for a phone-based monetary system that enables everyone can use their device to interact with the decentralized platform as a payment gateway like an in-app wallet, is not step aside in the race of building its foundation stronger and sustainable by rolling out "Defi for the People" fund. By offering this fund they want to allow communities whose blockchain enthusiasts to contribute their expertise on Celo's Network and Defi ecosystem to win $100M Incentive Program. The market of $Celo also turned up after such news and pumped up to 150%.

Many leading Defi platforms such as Aave, Curve, Sushi and others joined hands with Celo in this program to a target “will offer more than $100 million in educational initiatives, grants, and incentives” according to the announcement. Celo hopes it could bring Defi to the 6 billion smartphone users around the world.

Fantom announcing 370M $FTM Incentive Program


Fantom lately announced its 370M $FTM Incentive Program (over $300M) to focus on building up their Defi Ecosystem. This is a huge grant ever for an incentive program and developers, builders and protocol teams will have a chance to share this pool of reward if their protocol remains the TVL (Total Value Locked) above $5,000,000 measured by Time-Weighted-Average or $100,000,000 for an extended period time, according to the announcement. From the market perspective, $FTM had a reaction respectively the news when the price pushed above 100%.

Being one of the projects with a long history of development in the blockchain industry, Fantom has marked the biggest pace to boost the network to go far further in the DeFi space.


Above is the highlight of some incentive programs launched recently that Black Mamba Ventures collects and summarizes. The blockchain and Crypto industry is gradually moving toward and proving that the decentralized financial system that has been built from this space could attract millions to billions from traditional finance systems shortly by leveraging hundreds of builders through the Incentive Program. This is an extremely good signal for Crypto space.

Can you guess which next ones will be called?