"Give me an incentive great enough and a flywheel to align it with, and I shall change the world."

Archimedes, probably.

Economic Alignment Fuels Growth

Cambrian Protocol aligns incentives between developers, entrepreneurs and the Web3 community to rapidly develop and promote decentralized solutions for the labor and services market.


Developers receive a fee whenever their Solvers are used alone or in composite solutions. Solver interoperability means that developers can earn by contributing even atomic levels of new utility to the marketplace.


Entrepreneurs identify new opportunities and guide developers towards the features they need to capture them. Blockchain offers the greatest leap forward in coordination since the internet by reducing transaction costs of trust, transfer and triangulation; Creating a blue ocean of potential on-chain enterprises.

Community Members

Community curators stake and promote the most valuable Solvers and Templates **in the marketplace, increasing their discoverability and promoting their use. Curators receive their own fee when those solutions are used in proportion to their stake.

Positive Feedback Loop

  1. Entrepreneurs identify new opportunities for the web3 ecosystem.
  2. Developers build solver dapps with new utility to capture the opportunity.
  3. Community curators stake and promote the best solutions in the marketplace.
  4. The promotion of new solutions draws attention and opportunity for entrepreneurs.