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Making teaching and learning more transparent! - Benjamin

This space is an effort to make my own teaching practice and learning process more transparent. As a teacher trainer, I strive to demonstrate behaviors I would like to see from my learners, which I view are essential to the profession: autonomy, reflective and shared practice, openness to dialogue from various perspectives, taking risks, setting routines, and purposeful decision making. To this end, I share most of what I do as an educator and learner in this ( website, which includes open courseware and related content related to my teaching practice. If you would like to become a part of the conversation and share what you do in the classroom, join me on Slack or contact me @bnleez.


Benjamin L. Stewart, PhD

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Open Courseware (Active)

CAE II_CursoN 2022

L&S II_CursoN 2022

Writing Workshop_CursoN 2022

Open Courseware (Archive)

Discourse Analysis 2021 | Communicative Abilities in English I | Listening & Speaking I TOEFL English Practice Course

Listening & Speaking I_Fall 2020

Student Podcasts

Thesis Seminar_Spring 2021


<aside> 💡 The Academic Schedule (CursoN) is a consolidated view of all course content related to summer courses currently being offered.


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Organization and Workflow

<aside> 💡 Many decisions that relate to organization and workflow come from Forte’s (2022) *Building a Second Brain* and the slip-box method for taking notes.