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The challenge:

How to improve Transferwise’s customer support page

The solution:

Redesign of the support page for personal use and deployment of a live chat.

Project Context

This is the Level 0 case study of Aela's Master Interface Design Bootcamp.

The study's purpose is to make the student more familiar with UX concepts and methods.

Scope and Constraints

Because it was a study case, I’ve only used methods that didn’t require any money.


This case study was about creating or improving the support page for some well-known brand active in the market. The page had to be designed for desktop, focused on standard page formatting. It didn't need responsive design or mobile version.

I choose TransferWise, a digital platform that is an alternative to an international bank account.

My Role

I developed this study all by myself.

In order to improve the quality of my design, I’ve received feedback from Aela’s mentors.


I used the Double Diamond approach.


Table of content


Secondary Research

Primary Research



Affinity Map

Problem statement