Backing Up your Account

The most important thing to do with your Nodle Cash app is to Backup your 12 words. Your 12 words are used to generatae your Private Key, and act like a password to access your account.

  1. On your Nodle Cash App, go to Settings > Wallet Settings > Private Key backup

Anyone with those 12 words has access to your funds, so keep them safe.

We reccomend recording the words in multiple, secure, offline locations, using waterproof paper paper and ink. A slightly less secure method is to use a password manager.

Do Not store your secret words as a screenshot, in a notes app, or my messaging it to yourself. Other apps on your phone often have access to these sources and can be used to steal your funds.

Importing Your Account

  1. Once your words have been safely backed up, go to the Accounts Page of the Nodle Cash web Wallet
  2. Go on the Web UI and click “Add Account” (If you are using the Polkadot.js add on to chrome, this will not work.)
  3. Give the account a Name, then paste your 12 words under "mnemonic seed". (Double check the spelling is correct, and that there aren't extra spaces). Finally create a password (We recommend using a long, randomly generated password stored in a password manager).

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