Import issues from other platforms including GitHub Issues, Jira, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Clubhouse and Trello to Linear.

Issue Migration Assistant

Supports GitHub Issues, Jira, Clubhouse and Asana

Go to settings to import issues in just a few clicks. You don't need technical expertise to use the importer but will need to be a Linear admin.

In general, we map basic features such as labels to their Linear equivalent. Attachments are imported either as an inline image in the description or a link to the file. If we can match users, we will map assignees.

All imported issues include backlinks to the original issue URL from whatever service you imported it from as well. If you've imported issues previously, you'll see a history of past imports on the settings page. Imported issues do not count toward the 250 issue limit.

Migration Assistant: GitHub Issues

OAuth into GitHub from the importer page, select the repo where your current Github issues live and then which team you want to import them into on Linear.

Github > Linear mapping

Migration Assistant: Jira

Enter your personal access token, project key, email address and installation or cloud hostname and then start the import. For the installation or cloud hostname, remember to remove the *<http://>* and anything after .net.

Jira > Linear mapping