You can import an existing email list from anywhere either by manually entering emails or uploading a CSV file.

<aside> ⚠️ We only support sending email to readers who opted in to hear from you. We do not accept scraped lists. In order to maintain high deliverability for yourself and other users, we take these precautions to minimize the amount of spam email sent at Letterdrop.



Open your publication. Click on the Subscribers button.

Scroll down to Import Subscribers.

Manually enter emails

If you want to add emails manually, you can simply enter them separate by commas or new lines.

Upload via CSV

If you want to add emails in bulk, you can upload a CSV with a field called email to demarcate the emails. Most other email platforms will let you export your list in CSV format. You can open this CSV in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel if you want to edit this file. Make sure that it has a column called email where all the emails are listed. If not, you'll have to edit it to make it so.