Import Step

The Import Step allows you to import data for processing and transformation in Dropbase. This is in most cases, the first Step you use when working with Dropbase. Upon being imported, Dropbase will infer column types for your data, which can easily be changed by applying processing steps later on.

You can use the Import Step to Drag and Drop or upload files, connect directly to external sources using Data Connectors, or import from a Dropbase Database. These options give users the flexibility to choose how to bring data to Dropbase.

Drag and Drop (File Upload)


You can import static files into Dropbase using the Drag and Drop option.

File Types Allowed

Currently we only support CSVs and Excel files. You can import any files with the following formats: .csv, .xls, and .xlsx

Input File Requirements

How to Import using Drag and Drop (File Upload)

Within a Worksheet, select the "Import Data" button within the Import Step in the right Sidebar. Select the "File Upload" tab within the Import Data window. Either drag-and-drop your file from into the drag-and-drop window or click on the drag-and-drop window to browse your local files. Your file name should appear within the drag-and-drop window, to import the data into your Worksheet select "Upload File."

Data Connectors (Beta)


Data Connectors allow you to connect directly to online data sources, save them, and pull data from them over and over again.