You can import emails through CSV, API, Zapier, or by manually typing them in.


Open your publication. Click on the Subscribers button.

Scroll down to Import Subscribers.

Import via CSV

Most other platforms will give you the option to export your email list as a CSV file. You can upload the CSV file into Letterdrop. All you need in your CSV is a field called email or email address (the case doesn't matter). If you have any custom fields set up and the headers match the CSV, we'll read that data as well.

It will take a few minutes to a couple of hours to import depending on the size of the list. This is because we run your email list through behind the scenes (completely free for you) to remove invalid email addresses and spam traps that might reduce your email deliverability if you attempt to send email to them.

Import manually

You can also simply type in email addresses, either separated by commas or on new lines.

Import via API or Zapier