Sessions Health setup guide.

Sessions Health has put together a list of common CPT codes. You will be able to further modify CPT and custom service codes, but this list likely contains all the codes you will need to start billing patients.

To select a CPT code, click on the checkbox next to the code. Some codes are "add-on" codes for a parent CPT, indicated by a ↳. To add these addon codes, you will need to add the parent code first. On each line, you can set the price your practice charges for the CPT/Code.

At the bottom of the codes list, you can also establish your Practice's fee for a canceled appointment. Click "Edit," and a popup should appear with all of the options to configure a canceled appointment fee. Once you click "Enabled," you can set the price and choose whether or not a cancelation fee can be overridden. When checked, this allows a user to override the default Cancellation Fee, based on circumstance or other reasons.