Your brand imagery is used throughout your generated designs. You require at least one brand image, however you may add up to 6.

You may select a sample imagery set, upload your own, browse our integrated Unsplash library, or use a combination of the three.


Brandsynth offers a range of sample imagery sets for you to choose from. Our current sample sets are grouped into key styles and industry types.

The sample imagery sets are used to help put your brand into perspective. You're able to use these images for your final brand, however, we recommend curating a unique imagery set that aligns with your businesses mood and vision.


Selecting the Advanced tab will allow you to compile your own imagery set. You may create this set by either uploading your own images, or using the Unsplash image library to find freely-usable images. Before you start compiling your imagery set, make sure to remove any unwanted images that may of been applied as a result of the selected sample set.

Uploading your own images

Unsplash freely-usable images

You may search using our Unsplash integration to find freely-usable images for your brand. Try searching using keywords associated to the mood and offering of your business.