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<aside> 🌀 This program is an opportunity to contribute to the Idle ecosystem, shape the future of finance, and grow yourself and your skills in DeFi, as part of a community of passionate contributors. Regardless you are a developer or community enthusiast, everyone can become part of this ecosystem and get rewarded for the value brought in!


Grant types

Developer grants

Communication grants

Your idea is not represented by the categories above?

  1. 📝 Fill out this application form:
    1. Small-size grants (<$15k) are issued directly by Treasury League and publicly announced only if you are selected;
    2. Medium and big-size grants (>$15k) are approved by the Governance. Dev & Treasury Leagues would help you fine-tune the proposal.
  2. 🏆 Governance/Leagues help you through the governance process and officialize you as grant recipient;
  3. 💪 Work on your task & deliver the assigned tasks;
  4. 💰 Receive the grant, and move to the next Idle challenge!

Join the Dev League as core developer

Are you a developer looking for a full-time job in the DeFi space? This is your chance to join an innovative and fast-growing protocol 👇

Dev League - Application Process

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