<aside> 💡 Here I report short ideas that circle back into my head. I don’t judge, I just observe. I sprinkled medals around 🏅 on the ideas that are coming back the most often


I want to be as publicly vulnerable as possible, because I want to broadcast acceptance towards others. – Aella As in, one of the first times I felt deep acceptance from someone else was when I watched them name an unflattering thing about themselves with openness and grace.

Don’t look what people are saying. Look what people are doing.

We seem to be so important that it breaks our minds and makes us wonder if the universe is real – Michael Vassar

Let delight pull you instead of making a to-do list push you – Paul Graham

The truth doesn’t lie in the middle, truth lies where it lies (original in Polish: Prawda nie leży pośrodku, prawda leży tam, gdzie leży”) – Władysław Bartoszewski

After all, the future is quite meaningless and unimportant unless sooner or later, it is going to become present. Thus to plan for future which is not going to become present is hardly more absurd than to plan for future which, when it comes to me, will find me “absent”, looking fixedly over its shoulder instead of its face – Allan Watts

The world can never own a man who wants nothing – Wu Hsin via Naval Ravikant

Trusted third parties are security holes – Nick Szabo in crypto context

Take part – Paweł Althamer If you hesitate become a participant

You are something the whole universe is doing – Allan Watts

I suspend judgement – Montaigne via Anthony Bourdain

In times of interpersonal conflict, make the choice that will leave you more equanimous (internally calm) – Naval Ravikant