There are many web3 projects happening every year. Many of these events present an opportunity for Crypto Sapiens to increase brand awareness and create synergistic partnerships with the event hosts.

Previous events

Crypto Sapiens has attended and supported the following events with programming and services:

Upcoming events

Conferences that Crypto Sapiens plans to attend and can support with programming and services:

Partnership agreement

[DRAFT 2022/05/24]

We will propose the following partnership structure to each event. The actually final version of the partnership might vary depending on the realities of the actual event

Bankless DAO offers:

  1. A 100 word write up in the Weekly rollup about the event 1 month prior to the event
  2. A 250 word write up in the Weekly rollup summarising the event, posted latest 1 week after the event
  3. Five posts on BanklessDAO social pages as well as a translated version of the same in on the social pages of the IMN node/nodes relevant to the location of the event. The posts will be made 1 each week for 5 weeks in a row leading up to the event.
  4. Retweet up to 5 posts from the event organizer, with max 1 retweet per week for 5 consecutive weeks leading up to the event
  5. A shout out for the ETH event in BanklessDAO CC as well as the relevant IMN CC
  6. At least 1 person from bDAO who films key highlights and interviews relevant participants
  7. A (max.) 5min YT video which summarises the event as well as a long from upload/uploads which covers some key interviews and outputs. This is shared on BanklessDAO and relevant IMN social media