7 participants, 7 locations, 7 timezones, 3 continents, 1 goal, 0 touch


Version 20 explored new territories and data landscapes while focusing on methods of spatial translocation.

During lockdown our most familiar places and surroundings became an exclusion zone. In 2020 we venture outdoors to explore this, once vibrant, now excluded – observing, curating and designing a fused online version of all these places.


07.17 Goregaon, Mumbai, IN

07.18 Lake Forest, IL, USA

07.19 Shirotori, Nagoya, JP

07.20 Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

07.21 Juhu, Mumbai, IN

07.22 Nanya Rock, Taipei, TW

07.22 Ramallah, PS

07.23 F550, IS

Each entry represents the encapsulation of a digital experience. A collective occupation of a remote physical location, inhabited through technology and dialogue.

A digital inhabitation workshop that took place on July 2020.