'The fact that there are more FTSE CEOs called David and Steve than there are women or ethnic minorities put together says it all', Hephzi Pemberton, CEO at Equality Group.

The results form Business in the Community's Race at Work 2018: The Scorecard Report highlight 'British black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people in the workplace are ambitious, but there is a lack of opportunity and a strong desire for opportunities that is not being fulfilled. This is a waste of talent, energy, enthusiasm and expertise. The UK workplace remains uncomfortable talking about race. Employers need to create more opportunities to enable employees to do so'.

There are three key main – and mutually reinforcing – reasons why employees from BAME backgrounds are underrepresented in management positions: a lack of opportunities, discrimination and the absence of role models.

Businesses need to take real action to tackle racial disparities in their pay, progression and recruitment practices.

During the TTC's July 2020 Hackathon, subject matter experts were tasked with hacking the topic 'Making Organisations Inclusive for Black Employees'. Teams created 4 roadmaps, 'Education and Allyship', 'Recruiting Black Employees', 'Promoting, Developing and Retaining Black Employees' and 'Black Employee Networks'. Each roadmap details the high-level menu of the most important actions organisations should consider.