In all recruitment marketing materials evidence an authentic commitment to inclusion, diversity and flexible working to attract a broader talent pool.


According to a study by PwC, 86% of female millennials and 74% of male millennials consider employers’ diversity policies when deciding which company to work for. Another PWC report says, 'Candidates want an honest picture of the employment experience and culture before making a decision on where to work. Nearly 70% of female participants working in [Financial Services] looked at the diversity of the leadership team when deciding to accept a position with their most recent employer. Yet, when FS employers were asked about the extent to which they’ve incorporated diversity and inclusion within their employer brand, less than 30% say they’ve shared information about the diversity of their workforce and leadership team...Candidates are going to be deterred and look elsewhere if they don’t get the answers they want, highlighting the extent to which diversity and inclusion are now key reputational issues'.

PWC research shows, 'Three shining stars emerge as the most attractive employer traits by which the modern workforce navigate their careers. These are opportunities for career progression, competitive wages, and a culture of flexibility and work-life balance'.

The Flexible Job Index, produced by flexible working specialist Timewise, says an estimated 87% of employees wanting to work flexibly.

Having a flexible working policy will attract workers who find it difficult to commit to a 9-5 job such as parents, carers of elderly parents, those with disabilities and mental health issues and millennials who are looking for a better work-life balance.

James Millar, editor of Working Dads, said more employers embracing flexible working would “improve the lives of all parents”. He said: “More parents are researching what family support is available at the application stage when looking for work, and a growing proportion will change job in search of the right working conditions', 'Fathers struggle to get the flexible work they need, says survey', People Management Article, Oct 2019.

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