<aside> ‚Ź≥ Cycle Timing

Cycle 1: 8 July 00:00 UTC to 30 July 23:59 UTC Cycle 2: 31 July 00:00 UTC to 13 Aug 23:59 UTC Cycle 3: 14 August 00:00 UTC to 27 Aug 23:59 UTC

Staking rewards Calculator

Please visit this link to view the staking rewards calculator.

Staking Eligibility

Link to dashboard here


Staking Guide

1. Get IMX wallet

IMX wallet (ImmutableX wallet, Layer 2 wallet)

If you do not have your IMX Wallet/Layer 2 Wallet set up, please follow these instructions here.

2. Deposit funds

To be eligible for staking you have to deposit your IMX tokens to your L2 wallet. Please remember there is a minimum of 10 tokens to be including in this staking phase.

If your IMX tokens are held on a CEX exchange, you should first transfer them to your L1 (Ethereum) wallet.

3. Minimum quantity and cycles

You will need to have a minimum 10 IMX tokens held on L2 for the entire cycle (current: 14 August 00:00 UTC to 27 Aug 23:59 UTC) to be eligible for the staking rewards.

We will calculate your wallet balance as the minimum number of tokens that are counted in your wallet over that entire period. Please see FAQs for more information on this.

4. Required NFT trading

You will need to make at least one NFT trade on the Immutable X order book during this cycle to be eligible for staking. This means that you can buy or sell any asset available on one of the Immutable X marketplaces (Immutable X Marketplace, OKX, Token Trove, Mintsmeet)

5. Checking your eligibility

You can check your eligibility for staking rewards using this dashboard. This will be updated on Monday and Friday each week. If you have only just deposited your IMX into L2 or you have just made a trade, it will not show up until the eligibility dashboard has been updated.

Note* for Cycle 2 the first update will be on 3rd August 2022.

6. Cycles & rewards

The first staking cycle will be for 30 days running from 1 July to 30 July 2022 with IMX balances being counted as of the 8th July 2022.

After the first 30 day cycle, the following cycles will last for 14 days each. Please refer to the cycle timing information at the top of this guide.

Important note: Deposit your IMX into L2 for Staking Cycle 3 before 14 Aug 00:00 UTC.