<aside> 📊 We have recently kicked off our Staking program and we have put together an eligibility dashboard below.

Please search for your wallet address so you can check your eligibility for this phase of the Staking Rewards. Please also refer to the IMX Staking guide for a step by step on how to stake. Additionally we have built out a set of FAQs for you to troubleshoot any challenges you might have!

FAQs Staking Guide

Cycle 1: 8 July 00:00 UTC to 30 July 00:00 UTC Cycle 2: 1 Aug 00:00 UTC to 14 Aug 23:59 UTC Cycle 3: 14 August 00:00 UTC to 27 Aug 23:59 UTC

*Data will be updated every Monday and Friday, last updated Aug 22 16:50 AEST


<aside> 🚨 Please search the last 4 digits of your public address in the dashboard below.



Staking FAQs