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For anything not listed below you're not sure about, default to AP Style — or just ask Mike.

What's in here?

Our audience

Our stories are aimed at a wide, but technical, audience. These are people we assume understand what AI is and don’t need that spelled out, but who might appreciate an explainer on the difference between convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks.

Our primary audience consists of researchers, technical executives, developers, and scientists. We’re also writing for potential clients, partners, people interested in joining IBM Researchers well as members of the media, academia, and analysts.

Writing style

Try to write like you might speak if you were explaining a complicated topic to an old friend. You might start high-level and conceptual, and even through in a choice metaphor or two. But then when you drill down into the meat of the idea, when you know they’re following along, you get into the technical specificities of what makes this idea so interesting.