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Adam Zeiner

I minted my 1st NFT on Foundation for 0.030347807ETH ($69.02USD) on 3/2/21 even though I thought the fee was approx. $34 (got charged a double fee 😡)

screen-shot-2020-08-06-at-2.01.17-pm.png | Foundation

2nd NFT minted on Zora for 0.034356ETH ($62.75USD) on 3/5/21

image-24-.png | Zora

3rd NFT minting attempt started on hic ent nunc on 3/8/21 but I was bested (didn't figure out how to 'curate' the original objkt 2470, it's live on the new .art www site though) - trying again on .art via objkt 575082

hic et nunc

hic et nunc

hic et nunc

some of the glitches i've encountered in the digital wild


what I did (the 1st time around the blockchain)