<aside> 💡 To see your access pass, go to https://paper.xyz/purchases. If you had purchased with credit card, click “View tokens in my Paper Wallet.” If you had purchased with crypto, paste your wallet address into the “Your wallet address” box, and then select “Viewing Ethereum Tokens” in the dropdown menu on the next page.

Questions? Contact Yvonne (YLiu@jumpcutmedia.com) with any questions, as the process might be different for individuals who came to WoM through a partner organization.

On October 28, the WoM team will send an email from notevamorales@gmail.com to everyone who purchased an access pass. This email will explain how to log into our writers room platform when the program starts on October 31.

If you want to start blocking your calendar for our speaker events, check out our schedule below! (Zoom links and schedule changes will be communicated by weekly email.) Events will be recorded and made available afterward.


WoM Writers Room Schedule-10.24.22.jpg